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Take a Hike!

It would seem that our friends who enjoy the real benefits of hiking all have a similar story when it comes to the issue of dog dirt. But thankfully using your PicaDoo can provide the answer for those long treks where dog bins are not so common. This is what a lot of them are saying (and you can check out their website too!)

Thou shalt pick up your dog’s waste

If a dog shits in the woods, but nobody is there to smell it, did the dog really shit?

Yes, they did and you have to pick it up.

Carrying poop in a bag is smelly, but way cool. It proves that you’re a rad dog owner and that you care about the trails and the other wildlife who call those woods home.

Is it ok to leave the bag on the side of the trail since my dog inevitably poops just far enough away from the parking lot that I don’t feel like running ba

ck to toss it and stashing it in my pack is gross and I know I’ll forget about it until my next hiking trip?

Er. Um. Well. Not really.

The practice may be “accepted” by dog people, but to other users it’s unsightly and irresponsible. Besides, you’ll probably forget to pick it up on the way back, remember when you reach the parking lot, and have to run back anyway to get it.

Stepping in Poop Makes for a Crappy Hike

Okay, so maybe you were expecting this one, but I couldn’t NOT mention it. No one wants to step in dog poop when exploring nature. Dog poop, especially when fresh, can get up into the deep grooves of hiking boots, creating a gross, smelly mess for your fellow hikers to try to wash out. Out of respect for others, make sure to pick up and pack out your dog’s poop when Fido goes on a hiking trail.

3. It Could Make Others Sick

In addition to nutrients, dog poop can also contain a significant amount of bacteria, parasites, and pathogens. A dog’s poop contains nearly double the amount of coliform bacteria as our poop. This bacteria can get into our water sources during rain, snowmelts, or floods if the poop washes into the water.

Leave No Trace:

On day hikes, always pack out filled poop bags. It’s also bad form to leave 'em by the trail for later pickup. If you’re worried about a breach, double-bag on the trail, then remove any intact outer bags after you get home.

So it would seem that all you lovely hikers with your dogs could really use our help. If you haven't considered it before I can assure you, you will find a PicaDoo really useful and easy to use. Certainly takes the crap out of hiking!

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