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A bag for all occasions?

There are so many different types of poo bags available on the market. Some degradable, some biodegradable and some like ours fully compostable. Why do we make our bags the way we do? Well its because we wanted a bag that was strong and long so that not only would it fit our PicaDoo but also provide dog owners with the size and strength required for all dog sizes.

We don't necessarily box our bags as we feel that this is a waste to the environment. so we sell them unpacked to save our world. You can buy 50 bags at a time or buy in bundles to save on costs; if your unsure just give us a call.

This was also why we chose to promote fully compostable bags as we want everything we do as best we can to nurture our planet. True they are a little more expensive but we think the extra cost is worth saving our planet; what do you think?

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