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Great to hear from current PicaDoo'ers

After displaying and gaining sales at the All About Dog Show in Newark its great to hear from new PicaDoo'ers who are finding their PicaDoo's useful and great to use.

As a nifty carrying case for all our doggie doo's this little unit makes light work of carrying poo bags and keeps them well out of sight.

We are also working on additional items such as a clip on poo bag holder (although many of our customers simply carry a number of bags stuffed under the locking arm - so much easier than carrying 100 poo bags in one go!)

If you haven't been to the All About Dogs Show before you should go - the next one for us is in Norfolk at the Norfolk Showground on the 27 & 28th of August 23 - see below:

We would love to meet you there and show you how good the PicaDoo is to use!

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