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Image by Caleb Carl

The Solution

PicaDoo has been designed to allow you to collect and dispose of your dog waste in a safe sound manner without having to touch, feel or smell the waste. Plus we only use 100% compostable bags
(not just biodegradable) so we are fully behind being enviromentally sound. 

Other dog owners - and non dog owners - will be aware that anyone choosing to use their
picadoo will be responsible owners. You can't leave a picadoo compostable dog bag in a tree and you certainly wouldn't leave it lying on the ground! You can be assured that by carrying and using a picadoo your credentials as a responsible dog owner are completely sealed (in more ways than one!) 

NORMAL rrp £14.95
(which includes five free compostable bags)

Ever wondered why when walking your dog (or just going for a walk) you come across dog waste left on the pathway or hung up in a tree? Possibly by very loving dog owners who in normal circumstances wouldn't think of fouling the streets (or wood). 

Well we wondered the same and feel it may be because there was no simple solution to picking up and carrying the waste in a safe non messy compact way - that's why we developed picadoo.

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