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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

We teamed up with the Signpost Media web design team to create a fun yet functional online shop for our loyal customers to be able to browse our wonderful picadoo products with ease - tah dah!

Ever wondered why when walking your dog (or just going for a walk) you come across dog waste left on the pathway or hung up in a tree? Possibly by very loving dog owners who in normal circumstances wouldn't think of fouling the streets (or wood).

Well we wondered the same and feel it may be because there was no simple solution to picking up and carrying the waste in a safe non messy compact way - that's why we developed picadoo.

Carrying picadoo is easy. It's light, compact and convenient unlike many of the pooper scoopers you tend to find. Therefore you can take picadoo anywhere you want. Whether you're in town, visiting friends, going to the park or travelling to public places.

Furthermore - picadoo products are environmentally friendly and fully compostable - so you're helping the planet too!

And best of all once you have used it you can carry on carrying it because picadoo is completely safe and easily attachable to one of our new accessories due to be launched very soon.

Come on - join us picadooer's, because we love to picadoo and we know you will too!

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