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We never thought....

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

We have recently found out that a customer of ours has recently found a new use for our picadoo eco friendly pooper scooper..... in collecting cat deposits from a cat litter tray!

The innovative customer found the picadoo pooper scooper wallet useful to collect the mess and simply lock away until required the next time. Once the environmentally friendly bag was full, they then deposited the cat poop collections safely away in their dustbin outside - we think it's genius!

When it comes to cleaning up dog and cat poo it seems we have it covered - whether you're a dog owner or cat owner, the picadoo poop scoop will work for you. Plus, not only are they one of the most affordable pooper scoopers in the UK, but our eco friendly dog poop bags are fully recyclable and compostable too, so you'll be helping to save our planet whilst you clean up after your pets!

If you can think of other ways to use our picadoo pooper scooper wallet please do let us know! We regularly post cute and funny stories from our customers in our blogs - and don't forget to follow us and tag us in your pics on Facebook and Instagram!


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