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So we were at All About Dogs in Newark....

So the weekend before last we were at the All About Dogs Show in Newark to launch the new updated version of PicaDoo; and what a response!! Every owner that took an interest in the PicaDoo loved the idea and with most ending up purchasing the new unit.

How is it updated and different. Well not only can you now use a PicaDoo to collect your pet pals doggy doo's you can now use it safely to transport all your collections in one go to a safe place to dispose of i.e. Council Dog Bins etc

So the pic to the right shows the formation in which you can use your PicaDoo. The lady on the left has fixed her bag to the unit ready for collection but the gentleman on the right is using the PicaDoo simply to retain each bag once he has collected the deposit/s.

Each small to medium PicaDoo can retain around 3 to 4 bags.

This makes the transport of the bags aesthetically pleasing as you no longer have to carry poo bags whilst holding your dogs lead nor have unsightly bags swinging around!

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