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All About Dogs Fab Show!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Hi Folks, we are just back from the wonderful "All About Dogs Show" in Norwich and what a fantastic response we have had to our PicaDoo dog bags!

It was lovely seeing everyone that came onto our stand and if you were one of them thanks for all your great feedback; much appreciated.

We must have met so so many different breeds from tiny little Chihuahua's to the size of Irish Wolfhound's, and I must say all were extremely well mannered. The team and I were there to show our doggy friends just how simple, effective and beneficial the picadoo is and how it can change the habits of a lifetime!

If you happen to be one of the crowd that popped over to see us but were a little unsure but now want to try picadoo just let us know, tell us what was on top of our display table (I think those that viewed our demonstration will very much remember!) and we will keep of the show offer open to you! If in doubt please feel free to CONTACT US for a chat, or check out our FAQ's!

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