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A thousand reasons not to be so cheerful

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Did you know; according to Keep Britain Tidy, more than 1000 tonnes of dog poo is produced everyday; but on average only 70% of us dog owners pick it up. That's a lot of poo left behind. Why is it that most of us are happy to collect our dogs waste and others not?

Could it be that the feel, texture, smell or even the image of us having to carry a poop bag distasteful? And why on earth do some owners feel it's ok to throw the bags into hedgerows or trees and not dispose of it responsibly?

At picadoo we are on a mission. To help and provide a solution to all those dog owners who either cannot stand the thought of picking up the waste, touching it or carrying it. It is also used by many dog owners who can and do pick up their dog waste in the old fashioned way but prefer to have a cleaner, safer preferred manner.

Just remember; if you are one of those dog owners who feel the need to "turn a blind eye" please, please consider using some form of pooper scooper or our picadoo bags to clean up your dog waste - maybe with your help we can reduce the level of waste left behind!

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